What is this US city?

What is this incorporated US city?

We are one of the newest incorporated cities in the USA, and quite possibly one of the most unique.

There are no taxes AT ALL here of ANY type, excepting federal income tax. No sales tax, no property tax, no excise taxes, no income tax. Not even any “hidden” taxes. None. Yet our city government is still very adequately funded. Our city owns and runs the local marina and one of our two gas stations (no taxes on the gas either), and maintains the local roads and bridges.

We have no building codes here, no permits, no fees, no lengthy processes to go though. Hire your contractor and tell them what to build and where, or build it yourself. That’s all that’s required, nobody’s permission but your own. We have some fine houses in our city.

There is no police force here. There is no crime here.

Drivers licenses are not required here, anyone can drive the public roads in town at any age.

Automobile license plates, registration, and insurance are not required here. Any vehicle driven by any person is legal on our roads – but you cannot drive directly here from anywhere, our road system is cut-off from the rest of the world.

Both summers and winters here are mild, as the climate generally is here. It does rain here a bit more than average. This is *not* a place most people would stay away from due to weather, if they knew about our city – which most do not.

We have no discernible pollution at all. Our air is always clean and clear. Our water is better than the best bottled water you can buy. Our lands are unspoiled.

We have both a public marina/harbor here, and an FAA designated 3-letter US Airport code for our “airport”.

Speaking of the FAA, some on the internet claim that one of our FAA web cams actually captured a “mystery planet” in the daytime sky. IMHO It was just a lens flare, but the tin-foil-hat crowd insists that this planet shows up clearly in our daytime skies. I look at our sky every day. Beautiful is what our sky is, but no mystery planets.

Even our very poorest residents have homes, and do get by with the necessities of life. We have poor residents, but no homeless nor destitute here.

Home lots here are large and very inexpensive. We do have some expensive homes here – as well as inexpensive, yet almost anyone can afford to buy a parcel of land in town here, and wood to build with is extremely cheap.

We have ample fish, game, wild vegetables and berries available here. The saying is here that only a paraplegic would starve in our city.

People are genuinely compassionate here, neighbors gladly help neighbors when needs arise. We look after each other here much, much more than in most places.

Yes we really do exist, and all of the above statements are 100% factual.

One last clue…. Our city is surrounded by national forest. Very, very scenic area.

What city is this, and where is it located in the USA?