John Master Plank

3 people want to enter a building on the 6th floor after robbing a bank, 3 planks parallel to one another and connect to an entry point on the 6th floor. On their way to the entry point John and James notice that their planks are short by 3m. Shane plank is exactly at the edge of the entry point. Shane’s plank is 16m, John plank is 14m while James plank is 13m.

John and James need their plank to be exactly or 1m close to the entry point, that way they can get to the entry point. They have a single saw to share among them. They have to use the saw to cut and share planks among themselves in order to increase or decrease their plank distance or to cross over to any of the three of them planks. If these planks are more than 3m away from the entry point they will become unstable and fall off. John’s plank is exactly at the middle of Shane and James plank. Shane’s plank is 2m away from James plank.

Rule1 : Planks used for crossing over can not be used more than once.
Rule 2: Two/three people cannot use the same plank to cross over.